haha oh D Trix. I love you <3 .His last funny comment of the season.

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Just look up 'Elektrolytes and I'm certain it'll be in the 2nd page or 3rd.

Yeah I have the picture I just haven’t gotten much time to edit. I’m sorry followers. I’ll try to post the finale stuff tomorrow.

Oh do one about Elektrolytes & Poreotics performance

this one is definitely one the way. Jus gotta get the pics later tonight.

you're watching it again aren't you?

haha yes I’m bored. I swear my followers know me so well. I love you all.  

Oh great just when I was having a happy moment

Someone in my neighborhood started playing faded . Oh man :( MWC should’ve been in the finale. this gif is soooo relevant.

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Woohoo they did deserve it I’m definitely pleased.

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I am Me

OMG I’m at a loss for words 

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8 Flavahz and We Are Heroes

What else to say except I’m kinda  Girl power!!!!

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This is why I freaking love Poreotics

Elektreotics perfect combination my god. I loved it. Amazing!!!! 

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Anyone else thinks it feels incomplete without MWC’s banner up there?

It’s distracting me from watching the performances lol

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Thankssss :) . There ya go anon.

p.s. I love this blog. I follow on my personal jus sayin :D